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My work explores the process of screen printing with glass powders. This technique has allowed me to explore my interest in the fragility of glass while also challenging traditional conceptions of the qualities being transparent and smooth.  In my earlier work I used the powder printing technique to push the material to its boundaries, experimenting with the fragile nature of glass. However my most recent work is an attempt to make the finished product more durable while maintaining the delicacy and intricacy of the patterns created within the work. My experimentation into making the technique more durable has led to the discovery that air pockets could be trapped in the glass during the fusing process, forming bubbles. The ability to consistently trap air enables a second pattern to emerge made up of bubbles inside the original printed design.

I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Glass and Ceramics from the University of Sunderland in 2014 and I have recently completed an MA in Glass from the same institution. My work is influenced by an interest in fashion design, particularly intricate geometric patterns and elaborate lace designs, which has been incorporated into much of my work. While glass is the main material in the majority of my work, I also introduce other materials such as fabric and metal, merging these selected materials as a way of introducing contrast to the work. By employing the use of a muted colour scheme within much of my work, it helps to keep focus on the concept and the design. In addition to my artwork I also create more commercially focussed work in the form of jewellery, tableware and bigger furniture pieces.

Examples of my recent work can be seen in the Portfolio section.


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